Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another birthday for me!

And still having good friends around, and still feeling loved, and people calling in and leaving me messages for a good year to come, and then wishes of good health, and happiness, and of dreams to come true. I actually had a little birthday wish this year, when blowing my candle on my brownie at lunch with my friends. And it will come true. I will make it come true. I can't write about it right now, but I will definitely write about it when it'll come true.
And, to make my day just perfect, for the geek that I still am, tonight there's a total lunar eclipse than can be perfectly viewed here in North America. Now, what are the odds of me being on my birthday in the place where you can actually see the eclipse? Isn't this like a special birthday gift or something?
Not to mention the cutest little digital camera that I got as a present from my 3 girl friends at work, so now there's no excuse for not posting pictures anymore.
I do appreciate all the friends that I have and all the good vibes around me this day!
Thank you, guys, for making my day feel special.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I decided that having more than one choice in life is a good thing. I have options now in my life, and this is as good as it gets. I am no longer stuck in just one type of predetermined life. And even if it's scary, it's a good thing. I know, I was never good at making decisions, at choosing what's right for myself. I've kind of talked myself into anything so far. And I always chose the easy way out. Which usually meant letting others choose for myself. But now, with a good friend by my side, I realized that this is the whole reason why I emigrated in the first place: to have more than one option in life. And now I do. Again, be careful what you're wishing for, cause it just might come true. But having more than one option is a beautiful thing. It makes you feel free, it makes you think that you are in control of your life. And for me this is a first. I am no longer a leaf dancing in the wind, I am no longer a flower floating on the water, I am no longer a snowflake tumbling in the air. I am, for the first time, in charge of my life. But there are still some constants in my life, which give me a sense a stability.
So I decided to embrace the choices I have. And make the best of it. I will try and figure out various scenarios, and try to plan things ahead, so that I have a bigger picture of my "prospected" life, so I can choose better.
Choices are good. Options are even better. I can make the right decision for myself. And my friends can only help me get there, but not show me which is the right decision.