Monday, September 24, 2007

James Blunt - 1976

Simona, you're getting older, your journey's been etched on your skin.
Simona, wished I had known that what seemed so strong has been and gone.
I would call you up every Saturday night, and we'd both stay out till the morning light, and we'd sang "Here We Go Again".
And though time goes by, I will always be in a club with you in 1973 singing "Here We Go Again".
Simona, wish I was sober, so I could see clearly now the rain has gone.
Simona, I guess it's over, my memory plays out to the same old song.
Great song, great voice, great guy. I had changed it to 1976, even though my name is not Simona.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Coming back

I have just discovered how big the world is, and how relative 8 hours of travel can be. I am back from my trip to my native Romania, which I have found changed, in some ways, and the same in others. I realized how important the family is for me. I realized that even though some things have indeed changed, there will always be some aspects that I won't like there. And I realized that home is where your heart is. Truly. The rest is just the journey home. We are always looking for a home. And some of us are even lucky enough to have found it. I guess you have to leave in search of a home in order to return to it.
In a couple of words, this is the changed Romania: more crowded, more expensive, more optimistic than 3 years ago, but also in a constant stage of evolution for better, for more, which suited me just fine. There are new buildings everywhere, and people my generation are the ones building and enjoying this new type of life. So, there's hope for us all. There were, of course, aspects of Romania that have remained unchanged, some good (like the warmth at our family table each and every day), some bad (rudeness, lack of respect, indifference). I read an article about Romania and its young citizens who are going abroad to work for a couple of months/years. The article said that they will return to Romania with a different perspective on work ethics, which will eventually allow an evolution on the Romanian labor market. Let's hope so.
As a conclusion, my holiday was perfect, from A to Z, and the return to work has gone by smoothly. Now my priority is to focus on my future career. The plane ride back was kind of an alarm signal on this subject. Time is running out. It's not too late yet, but it could be really soon. I won't let this happen.
The journeys are just ways to go and find yourself.