Friday, February 06, 2009

Being picky

A very good friend of mine told me that I should be picky, that I shouldn't just take the first thing/person that comes my way, that I should wait it out until the perfect thing/person comes along. That I am worth it, that any man would be lucky to have me as his life partner and as a friend.
It's funny how this got stuck in my head. I usually don't listen to my friends' advices. I usually have my mind set on something, and it's very hard to change it. Making a list of qualities that 'significant other' (the irony of it all!) must have, now seems like a pretty dumb idea. What am I, shopping? It is want thing to know what you want, and it's a totally different thing to make a shopping list. I have to reconsider my life. Like every once in a while. I have to figure out what's important to me, and go get it. I know I am not a go-getter. I am a dreamer, I live in a surreal reality, and I come to the real world only a couple of times a day, when I don't have a choice.
My friend also told me that I have a tendency to pick the wrong guy. It's maybe because I didn't pick them, they picked me. Or because I am attracted by strange, out-of-the-ordinary guys who are interesting, but not good for me.
Next time I will be more careful. Promise.


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