Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Testing my theory

I just want to see if it works. Maybe it's not a coincidence that I was listening to Johnny Tash radio show tonight and heard about the messages people leave on the net if someone else caught their eye. Maybe he's listening too, and just like that, out of a strange little coincidence, we get to see each other again. I named him the guy from the bus, because that's all he was for me. So I went on craigslist website tonight and place a missed connection message there too. I'm just gonna let the Universe decide for me. It's out there, you can have it. And if you think it's right for me, well, go ahead, connect us one more time. I can promise it won't be a wasted second chance.
We don't get second chances in life too often, do we? So, when we do get them, why not take full advantage of it.


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