Friday, November 07, 2008


How often can you start a post with "Happiness"? But this is how I feel, this was my first thought this morning, and my first smile. The Horoscope was right after all, I just had to share some of my dreams, and they came true. I wanted to write last night, because I was so happy. But then I said, I'd better just enjoy the moment, the feeling, it's better to have this memory in my head, than on a piece of paper or online. I'm happy to say that my instincts were not wrong, that I understood perfectly what was going on, even though I had my share of doubts at the time. But now, it's decided, I will enjoy every single moment of this, savor it to the max, and just live my life like that.
I wish you all happiness, the feeling that fills you up with warmth, the best present ever.


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