Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'll tell you a secret

I am reading the book, and I am trying to find proofs in real life that the secret actually works. And it does. You just have to think about something, believe that you will have it, and the Universe will hand it over to you eventually. It's like a giant magic lamp that can fulfill any wish.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Just grateful

I am grateful for my friends. I am grateful for A, with the strong opinions on everything, because I know (and I can feel) that she cares. I am grateful for L, for allowing me back into her life, for my only connection to the religious world, for PC and the possibility to talk to him, if I need to. I am grateful for T, for all the calm she inspires, and all the good practical advice she gives me. I am grateful for I, with her pure soul. I am grateful for L, with her life experience, like an older sister who's seen it all, but still believes life is wonderful. I am grateful for B, for his passion and compassion, for his listening whenever I have something to share. I am grateful for B, for his friendship over the years, despite all the bad timing we've been through. I am grateful for the little pains and hurts I feel, because I know that I can feel and I'm alive! I am grateful for being able to write and share this, I am grateful for a loving family I have back home, I'm grateful for having a "back home" to go to every now and then. I'm grateful for the music, for the movies, for the books, for the Internet.
My mind and my soul are open. Open to the future and all the possibilities it brings. I'm fortunate enough to have good friends I can count on, to live in a great beautiful city, to be healthy and not poor, to have the emotional support of my family back home, to be able to afford little joys. I am in love with my life. And even if I know it won't be easy to find someone to share it with, I am willing to try. Because I want to be happy for good. I want to live my life to the fullest. I need to enjoy every bit of every day. By myself or with someone else.
The undeniable attraction of a blank page that calls out to be to be written on. I could never resist it. I can't help but write. I love the rhythm my words take on a piece of paper.