Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 Predictions for Myself

Your sign is Dragon.

Dragons are likely to enjoy a stable love relationship and excellent interpersonal relationships. However, you can expect problems in Lunar March and September, which are brought on by signs of ‘torturing’ that are visible in your Palace of Spousal Relationship. Lavish your lover with extra tender loving care during this period.

Famous Dragon:
Keanu Reeves, Vladimir Putin, Bruce Lee, Louisa May Alcott, Maya Angelou, Lord Archer, Joan Baez, Count Basie, Pat Benatar, Maeve Binchy, Sandra Bullock, Julie Christie, James Coburn, Courteney Cox, Bing Crosby, Russel Crowe, Roald Dahl, Salvador Dali, Charles Darwin, Neil Diamond, Bo Diddley, Matt Dillon, Chrisitan Dior

Professionally, Dragons have better chances of getting that promotion and will enjoy enhanced social status. If you are a wage-earning Dragon you should work harder if you want to get that promotion. Predisposition does not hold much weight for you if you are a wage earner as your life is pretty much stable. Your salary will remain the same irrespective of whether the company you work for is doing good or bad. Of course you may get really lucky and get a raise if the company performs particularly well but your salary will not cut when there is a downturn in business, unless the company folds up altogether.

On the other hand, if you are an entrepreneur or a self-employed Dragon, your luck and predisposition will be closely connected to your income. When your luck in on the upswing; you will do more business and make more money. And if you were born in spring or summer, you will make much more money than those Dragons born in autumn or winter.

Dragons will enjoy enhanced interpersonal relationships during the first six months of the year. In view of this fact it is recommended that you schedule all major plans anytime between January and June as you are likely to get optimum results during this period. While autumn is still okay, you should definitely avoid making any major plans in winter. Winter plans will get interminably delayed and you will be frustrated by the many arguments and disputes that come your way during this time.

With Jin Gui in your constellation you are more likely to build up a lot of wealth as opposed to spending what you earn. Jin Gui, which is Chinese for ‘gold safe’ truly keeps up to its name. The other lucky star, San Tai, which signifies improved social standing will bring fame and fortune to Dragons who own their own business and those who are self employed.

The other stars in your constellation, Niam Fu, Fei Fu and Guan Fu signify a connection with lawyer and could mean unexpected lawsuits or court cases. This could either imply getting indicted for some misdemeanor such as drunk driving or speeding or it could imply better news as in the case of buying real estate or starting up your own business, which requires official paperwork to be completed.

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