Sunday, November 18, 2012

Life after Tofino

Tofino is a small town on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, in BC. A beautiful place. A quiet, by the immense ocean, friendly place. I went there this past summer (August 2012). And it changed my life. Now I am looking for my Tofino in life. I don't know if it's going to be in the actual town of Tofino, but I am still looking for that small town, by the water, calm and quiet, where I can have a vegetables garden and a dog, where I am riding my bike everywhere, where I am picking up the mail from the Post office mail box rented in my name, where I have time and space to write and knit/crochet, where I am happy to call that place home. My plans for 2013 include looking for such a place and hoping that, along with finding it, will find myself too. And yes, I will put it out there, I am hoping to find that special someone as well. I am working towards that. From now on, I am focusing only on the things that get me closer to that place: hand-made stuff, less possessions, re-usable materials, compost and recycle what I can, have plants in my house, all this combined with everything I have been wishing for in 2012: be healthy, drink water, run and do yoga, eat well, be balanced. By September 2013 I will be debt free. and I will have money put aside to support my wildest dreams of maybe having my own little business to make a living of. I am thinking of everything to choose from: - cute hand-made knitted stuff (toys, Xmas stockings, wine bottle covers, blankets, doll clothes, tea cup cozy, coffee cup holders, tea towels in the kitchen, oven mittens, kindle cover, etc. - owing/managing a hot yoga studio (that would be a dream come true), especially with all the things that I now know from volunteering at the Moksha studio - publishing personalized books for children with hand-made covers or animals to represents characters in the books; this is something that will resonate with my writing needs; buy the copyrights from some kids books (e.g. Winnie the Pooh or Dr. Seuss - You're off to great places, and introduce a new character in the book to make it personalized for one specific child. - get a part-time job that would pay for my living expenses (which are getting lower and lower) - like being a virtual personal assistant (I need a good laptop and Internet connection), then do this whole creative thing on the side, for my sanity and my personal desire to be at peace with myself.


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