Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Whoever has been in a relationship knows that it is hard work. We all wish it weren’t, but it always is. I don’t know why, maybe two people are not supposed to be living together, maybe we are indeed lonely souls in the Universe, who are not to find the other half. Maybe not everybody is made for a relationship. Or maybe the 21st century brought along a freedom in relationships that made the swift from married for life to a series of relationships that end whenever one of the partners is not happy anymore. We give up more quickly than before, because we know that there must be someone else out there who will fulfill our needs better than our current partner.
But then, at some point, you just find someone who's right for you, and you just know that the hard work is worth it. And you consider yourself blessed and start to look forward to whatever is coming next in life, cause you know you have a life time partner to share it with.
Good luck you all in finding that special someone!


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