Tuesday, June 02, 2009

This Past Week

Yes, I said I will write something every week, but I am not sure if I'll be able to keep my promise. I am not a busy woman, or not extremely busy. After work, I get half a day of free time, not to mention the weekends, that, from one point of view (weekend mornings) seem too short (I wish I had 3 weekend mornings), but from another point of view, there's nothing much you can do if the weather outside is not nice, and you have no one to share your weekends with.
It was free museums day in Montreal last Sunday. I went to the Biodome with some friends, but it's definitely much better to visit when there are less than 200 people in close proximity to you, trying to see and get pictures of all those poor animals in there. The same goes for any other museum. If you want culture, well, I guess the least you can do is pay a small price.
I've watched Star Trek the weekend before. The new movie that came out that same weekend. I figured, since I am in North America, and I can be among the first to see it in the world, why not take advantage of it. I was right. It was amazing, even alone at the theater, and I got no invitation from anyone to go see it again yet.
As usual, two completely different extremes in me: one rational (when I write, and when I analyze things, and when I decide to do the right thing), and the other one, the evil one, that will eventually be the doom of it (or will it?), the part that gets caught up in the moment, and forgets about everything rational and everything right, and just goes with her instincts. I shouldn't let my instincts run my life.
Ah, and one more thing: I am no longer genuinely happy (as I used to be). Now I am just putting up a happy face for fear that my friends will ask me what's wrong. The proof of it is that any little thing can get me down so easily, it's insane.
Some other stuff: I don't have a best friend anymore to share stuff with (everyone is too busy with their own lives and problems). I will never have kids (it's either too late or too much). If I'll ever be rich, I will buy myself a Maple red Volvo C30. And live in a little Chateau with a maid. And a big library / reading room.


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