Monday, May 18, 2009

The Journey Continues

I'm at home now, after spending the day outside with some friends. It was cold for Victoria Day (but hey, at least it didn't snow here, like in Manitoba, so ...). We had a bbq on Mont-Royal, then went all the way up to the Belvedere to look at this beautiful city. It is indeed beautiful. The sky was blue all the way down, the St-Lawrence river was shiny, and the buildings were just nice. I love summer in this city.
Then I got home and didn't feel like standing still, so I took my new bike out. Well, it's not a brand new bike, it's just new for me. I went almost all the way down to work and back in less than 30 minutes. Scary. I could actually bike to work everyday now. I don't have a lock on my bike yet, nor a helmet. So, later on this summer. It felt good to counteract all the calories I've ingested today with some physical activity. My knees hurt now, and I'm not sure why. Am I that old? Already?
I am looking forward to Saturday when I'm going to a birthday party. And I am looking forward to a short week of work.
My journey is back on.