Saturday, April 28, 2007

Being able to cry

Last night I watched "The Holiday", the movie with Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz and Jude Law. It got me thinking about second chances in life, about feelings and emotions, about being able to cry because you miss someone or just because you're too happy, it got me thinking about life, and all the turns that you have to take, all the decisions that you have to make, and all the good things that can come from all this.
Just by switching houses for two weeks at Christmas time, these 2 young women each got a second chance in life. I know it's just a movie, I know it was perfect just because someone came up with this flawless idea that one has a brother, who's a widower, and the other is in the movie industry with a lot of friends, but still, it made me wonder if my own life is perfect or if it needed some change, and I am maybe just too afraid to admit it. Or too lazy. Or both. Lesson to learn: we should never live our life in the past or in the future, we should always use the Present continuous tense. Now is the most important moment of my life. And I shouldn't be living today for a promised tomorrow, I should take each day at a time, and enjoy the journey to tomorrow.