Friday, January 23, 2009

Writing as therapy

To me, writing is a therapy. I usually write when I am sad and I can't talk to anybody, either because no one is there, or because I think people have enough problems of their own to have to listen to mine, on top of that. I don't know what the definition of a friend is, but I would say that you have to be there for that person that you call friend in both good times and bad times. It's not a question of 'today you look depressed, I don't want to be your friend'. I am your friend for better or for worse, like marriage. I guess that's why married people have to be friends in order for their relationship to survive.
Back to writing. I used to write for somebody. I used to write letters to somebody. I used to have that friend that, even absent, I could write everything to. Not anymore. Have I grown out of it? Or I couldn't find such good friends anymore? Or maybe it's just a different stage in my life, not better, not worse, just different from the one before.
Now I write for myself. Or for nobody. Unsent letters to nobody. It's funny, I sometimes think that my daughter (and God only knows that I am not even close to considering having a baby, like ... ever) would like to read my thoughts in 50 years or so, when I'll be dead. I don't know. I guess we need the other person at the other end of our writing. We cannot write alone. Or I can't.
The most interesting part of it though is that, even if I start out feeling depressed or down or bad about something, while writing, something magical happens: my optimistic happy self comes out again, and I realize that I am making plans again, that I look forward to the future again, that I feel good about myself again, that, once again, writing has helped me surpass a bump in the road. So I'm gonna keep on writing, whether I'm happy or not, because writing is my best friend. Always has been. Why dump such a good friend, right?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 - Happy New Year to you all

What will 2009 bring?

In 2009, Pisces will enjoy swimming in new dimensions, as the highly charged Aquarius energy allows you to dream big and manifest your ideas. Your imagination soars, awakening a deep desire to seek spiritual truth and meaning in your life -- and in the world.

Your awareness and new perception helps to serve others. You are able to live freely in the world of transformation, and this encourages others to do the same. They feel supported by your wisdom and understanding. Your inspirational qualities are a large part of your purpose in the world -- your ability to heal and inspire.

At times, it may be difficult for you to live in this world of concrete realities, and conversely, sometimes it s hard for others to understand that all you want to do is live in a world of endless possibilities. As you learn to balance these polarities, harmony prevails.

In order for Capricorn to accomplish their goals in 2009, intelligent brainstorming is a must. Connecting with others satisfies your mind, and friends are a source of stimulation and inspiration, adding to the scientific developments you like to explore. That said, be sure to take time for yourself. You don t have to master everything in a day.

You thrive on making new discoveries and developing opportunities. Call upon your inner guidance to help get the job done more efficiently. If you feel any uncertainty, other people are there to confirm your ideas, and allowing yourself to explore your inner thoughts will help you align yourself with a greater sense of awareness and meaningfulness.

Capricorn rarely shies away from highly concentrated work, and you are able to meet challenges as they come up in 2009. This is a time of great self-discovery and transformation for you. As you work to manifest your best possible self, you will see things from a deeper perspective than ever before. Hidden beneath your desire to work hard is the key to making your life easier. In other words, you won't have to strain as much if you surrender to a higher knowing. Using your powers of concentration to tune into universal knowledge will help you manifest your highest dreams.