Sunday, August 12, 2007

The month of August 2007

Changes in my life: new apartment, plans to go to Romania on vacation, but still the same old me, trying to cope as well as I can with these changes.
Sometimes I feel lost, sometimes I can easily found myself. I life the day, but I am also looking forward to part of my future. I see things that might happen in the future, but not too far. I'm scarred of what the far future might bring. Let's stick to the 2-week vacation plan to go to Romania after 3 too long years spent abroad. People say it's changed in these past years, and I can hardly wait to see the changes, I really hope it's a good change, and I hope I can feel connected to the realities there once again. I will have a long post when I come back, maybe even with pictures and everything. Life's the same, with ups and downs, with work and play, with friends or alone. That's me, always split into two separate and opposite sides. Funny how this works in my head ...
Funny things about living here. On the internet, whenever I write instant messages to my sister back in Romania, we always think alike. It's weird, more than normal weird. We start the same topic at the exact same time. We write the same words without knowing the other one is doing the exact same thing ... But this only happens with one of my sisters. Don't know why.
One more thing about living here: these people here are very funny, the front yard or the backyard is surrounded by green bushes that produce fruits, eatable fruits that is, the ones my mom used to make jam of. And they use it as a fence! Very weird.
And so on ... a lot of differences between our European culture and their North American one.