Friday, November 16, 2007

How Time Flies

OK, so it's Friday afternoon, I'm at work, and all I can think of is how do I make it through another 80 minutes without falling asleep. I wish the time went by more quickly on Friday afternoons and Monday mornings. And, of course, slower over the weekend.
Our perception of time ... pretty strange and subjective. We want the weekend to be here right now, but we don't want the years to be added to our age. We want this day to be over, but then we would give anything for another half an hour a day later.
Why is that? How come time flies differently? Who or what determines the speed of time? It's us. Just us and our little minds that can make the time go faster or slower. I wish I wouldn't be watching the clock every 3 minutes in the hope that another 15 minutes have passed already, and that it's time to yell: "It's 5 o'clock and I'm OUT OF HERE!" No such luck.
So I'm stuck here, doing my blog thing, and waiting for the time to go by, so later I can complain that I am old.
It's not at all my job that I hate. Because for some strange reason that escapes me, today I am not doing my job, I am doing someone else's job. And yes, surprise surprise, I do hate that job, sitting here and answering phones all day long (well, half of day today), and being nice to people on the phone, it's kind of boring. And tiring. And all I want to do is sleep. But then my day won't be over after work hours, I still have to go shopping and then to the library, and only after that I will be able to take the subway home and then finally get some sleep.
Why I am so tired? I went to the gym once this week. And French too. It's not like I was super busy or running everywhere. OK, we had the conference and the running for the coffee 4 times a day, up and down the stairs, I know. And then the L'Oreal thing, getting home at 10:30 pm was not a good idea, and then the dinner party last night, and the thought of the dinner party tomorrow night. I just hope we will have fun. But we always have fun. And I hope I am not coming down with something, like the flu. Cause it hurts all over my body, but not hurt - hurt, more like a numbness. Except for the knee pain that I most likely got going up and down the stairs here at the office. Or maybe from the gym? But I don't think so. I think it's the stairs. Cause after the gym my knee seemed fine. Who knows?