Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year 2007!!!

Dear friends all over the world,
I hope 2007 will be you all the best, everything you ever wished for and dreamed of.
Here is my gift to you:

Feel free to visit and to comment on my dear little snowman.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Who are you, Mr. Daniel Craig?

He is the new James Bond. Or I should say the latest Bond, James Bond. He's my generation's James Bond. I watched Casino Royale, and even if there was another one before, for me this will always be THE Casino Royale movie, when Bond gets his "wings" (well his 00) and becomes 007. Very nice and smooth James Bond. First ever blond Bond. I like him. What more can you ask from a Bond character: Brittish (of course), slim, toned, blue-eyed guy, blond but tough, he has his way with women, he's got a great body, but not a Schwarzenegger type, more like of a teenager, he's not too young, but not too old either, and he has one of the most gorgeous mouths I've ever seen, with a naughty upper lip that can drive a woman crazy. A very good Bond, if you ask me. I have never in my life fallen for an actor after seeing just one of his movies. But this Daniel guy, well, he got to me. And I started watching other movies he made, I surfed the Internet searching for more information about him, I rented DVDs, I was trying to get as much information about him as possible.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Last Week

I decided to write about the most interesting things that happened last week. Except from the boring "going to work - coming home" everyday routine, I realized that not all people must like me. And that you don't have to be nice to everybody. And that not everybody is like me, open and ready to talk to my face about stuff that bothers them. And if someone is not willing to offer me their sincerity, I should not offer them mine.
And I found out I like the Christmas spirit, even if it means gift exchange, or just a small plastic Christmas tree with lights. Or maybe a little Christmas music from all over the world on my mp3 player every morning when I go to work. Yep, this helps starting my day on the right foot. And I realized giving is as much fun as receiving presents.
And I discovered "Sex and the City" TV series, and I guess I'll be addicted for life now. And I like those powerful women, especially Carrie who's a writer. I want my own column. This blog will be my own newspaper, and my weekly report on "most interesting stuff" is going to be my column. And later on, when I'll grow up, I'll even write my own book. You'll see!